November 30

Struggles Of A Mommy Of 2


My name is Rowena but most people know me as Rolo, My fitness journey has been a bumpy one.

It started three years ago after I gave birth to my twins. I suffered from severe postnatal depression and anxiety and was prescribed antidepressants.

When it came to food I ate anything and everything from sandwiches to cakes and chocolate.

In one year I gained five stone (31kilos) I then started to develop anorexia because I wanted to look skinnier and couldn’t see the weight I was loosing.

I lost it all plummeting to just under 8stone (45.2kilos).

I was so unhappy.

I was a shell of myself & struggling with my weight.
one day something clicked. I resolved to make a change.

I knew I had to eat more I was becoming so poorly so I began to work out & decided to see food as my fuel, not my enemy this wasn’t easy but it’s something I have overcome and I love food again, I started using supplements from Protein Dynamix and quickly fell in love with my results.

I soon noticed big changes in my body. My skin felt firmer, my muscles more toned, I had more energy to exercise at the park and at home with my children who also love fitness.

At times I’ve lost motivation and fallen behind but every time I’ve picked myself back up and been stronger for it.

I now feel more confident, stronger mentally and physically & free of my anxieties. I feel alive again. And best of all, now the twins have their fun-loving mum back. I’ve never been happier.

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