November 17

Best 20 Minutes Full-Body HIIT Workout


WHO SAYS EVERY (or, really, any) gym visit needs to be an hours-long slog? With high-intensity interval training, you can hit it hard and be done in just 20 minutes Full-Body HIIT Workout.

“This effective workout is designed to burn fat while building a lean, cut physique,” says Brynn Putnam, founder of NYC’s Refine Method, which specializes in HIIT. “By performing full-body exercises with challenging weights and minimal rest, you not only optimize your calorie burn during your workout, but boost your metabolism for hours after.”

Complete all five exercises for 60 seconds each, going for four rounds with minimal rest, and you’ll have an awesome Full-Body HIIT Workout.

Side-step squat to press

Stand with feet together, holding a kettlebell goblet-style in both hands in front of your chest. Take a step to one side, then squat deeply. As you stand from the squat, press the kettlebell straight up overhead, as you also bring your foot back to center. Repeat the movement, stepping to the opposite side, and continue alternating for time.

Jumpback to pushup

Or, a burpee without the straight jump. Stand with your feet a bit wider than hip-width. Squat down, place your hands on the floor, and launch your feet back so you’re in plank position. Do a pushup. Jump your feet back around your arms, stand tall, and repeat for time.

Suitcase swings

Think of this one as a two-handed wide kettlebell swing. Stand with a KB in each hand, feet hip-width apart. Hinge your hips back as you would for a regular kettlebell swing, but instead of bringing the ‘bells between your legs, bring them along your sides. Pop your hips forward to stand, allowing the kettlebells to come between belly button- and sternum-height. Continue swinging for time.

Shuffle slam

This one combines side shuffles with medicine ball slams for a multi-dimensional plyometric move. Grab a slam ball or soft medicine ball in both hands. Take a shuffle step to one side, then raise the ball overhead, bending your knees and bracing your core as you slam the ball into the floor in front of you. Quickly scoop up the ball and repeat, shuffle-stepping to the other side. Repeat for time.

Treadmill tabata sprint

Hop on a treadmill and sprint all-out for 20 seconds, then hop onto the side rails for 10 seconds of rest; do it twice.




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